My work is whimsical without being wacky, literary but not literal, and a few heartfelt steps away from hokey.

I write of personal experience and of characters both real and imagined. I try to define and investigate what it means to be human by examining the minutiae of everyday life and how this illuminates this great journey on which we are all travelling. Musically I range from acoustic folk to psychedelic soundscapes to straight up rock and funk. Please enjoy and contact me if you’d like to arrange a performance.

"Otter in the Water" wins the KSQD song contest.

Santa Cruz's own Otter 841 became the subject of international media attention after she became aggressive and combative with the local surf population at Steamer Lane.  Everyone was rooting for her of course, and one of our local radio stations, KSQD,  sponsored a song contest.  What do you know, I won by a landslide!  It's a novelty song, so don't expect deep introspection, or even high production values.  Just enjoy it for what it is.  By the way, turns out she was pregnant and now has a bouncing baby pup!  If you like what you hear on Bandcamp, please consider paying for this music.  Paying for music shows that you value what artists do and makes a statement about what you think matters in today's world.  Enjoy!


"Just Like Water" a tribute to my friend, Micah Rodler.

I've only played this song a couple of times in my life, and every time I do, it's hard.  Micah died in his late 40's of a very aggressive form of ALS.  He left behind two children and wife, and a tight group of friends that met with him every week as his illness progressed (often by zoom as this was during the Covid times).  Micah was a delightful human being and will always hold a place in my heart.